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Remanufactured laser printer cartridges

Armor Industries has been producing remanufactured laser printer cartridges since 1991.

Drawing on its expertise, Armor Industries adheres to stringent cartridge design specifications. All components are individually tested and re-tested after assembly to ensure guaranteed quality in terms of machine compatibility. Quality is checked at each stage of the manufacturing process.
ARMOR is able to meet the growing demands of the market in Morocco, France and Europe.

Remanufactured copier cartridges

OWA cartridges are a unique solution that combines environmental and economic performance. Choosing them also means:

An optimised cost per page compared with original brands, guaranteeing savings of over 30%
Print quality that is guaranteed and certified in line with international standards
Complete traceability, from production to the recovery of your used cartridges
Up to 150% additional print capacity
A saving of approximately 35%
N tonnes of CO2 saved per year

6 reasons to choose an Armor Industries cartridge

Impact and fax paper

Leader in thermal transfer technology, Armor has acquired expertise in impact technology which guarantees high quality and rapid writing.

Our production unit has the cutting machines required for a range of the most competitive direct thermal faxes on the market.