The Bir Jdid
Industrial Site

The production & supply chain site in Bir Jdid

Armor Industries has all the added-value facilities required to bring high-performance, environmentally friendly cartridges to market. The following teams are located in Bir Djid: R&D, Industrialisation, Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain.

Every day, Armor Industries relies on its high-performance teams:

A team of engineers design and supervise
Active training is implemented at all levels of the company
Performance and quality are corroborated by a range of certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, STMC)
Continuous improvement is integrated into every phase
Teamwork, a family ethos and the recruitment of women are all values that are affirmed and shared locally
Recycling concerns each manufacturing phase and all products. Staff are also involved in our circular economy strategy.

Logistics support for the local market (shipping, transport and order preparation) Armor Industries also handles exports, with 96% of its production destined for the European market.